Inbalance Nutrition
Healthy eating should always focus on consuming an abundance and variety of fresh, whole foods.  Many people lose sight of this simple truth, however, and often resort to fad diets or the purchase of pills in hope of finding a quick fix, or to treat the symptoms of chronic illness which can result from years of poor dietary habits.
All of our products are either based on organic, whole food ingredients or are made from the purest available all natural, non-GMO ingredients.
Balanced, sustainable, healthy living is about more than just what you put into the package.  In sourcing the ingredients, packaging, and manufacturing partners for our products, we also consider the implication of our choices on the health and well being of others and the environment.​  
In 2011, for example, we made a decision to eliminate plastic bottles and scoops from all new products, and relaunched our inbalance (New Zealand) Whey Protein Isolate in resealable, pouches, effectively reducing the weight of our primary packaging by more than 85%.
Also, all of our products are dry powders, designed to be mixed with liquid prior to use. This further minimizes our environmental footprint, as transporting water is terribly inefficient and can have a negative impact on both the environment and local populations from where it is taken.  By substituting conventional bottled sports beverages with a 300 gram pouch of inbalance Organic Energy and using a refillable water bottle, you will also eliminate 10 plastic bottles from the waste stream!
When you purchase inbalance products, you can be assured of getting the absolute best in quality, purity, performance, and taste... and will be helping to promote Total Health Awareness!   
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