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Peak Performance Products Inc. currently distributes athletic and lifestyle brands to health food retailers, on-line retailers, pharmacies, groceries, fitness clubs, spas, health practitioners, naturopaths and other health & wellness related retailers throughout Canada. Our account set up process is an easy 2 step process, which can have product on your shelves within 24 hours of submission depending on geographical location and credit approval.

If you are a manufacturer looking to introduce your brand or product to the Canadian market, Peak Performance Products has the infrastructure and personel in place to ensure not only initial success, but brand longevity. When we accept the task of distributing a brand, our entire team is committed and fully invested to ensure long term success.

At Peak Performance Products, we are fully aware of the correlation between product education and increased sales. If your staff does not understand how and why our products work then neither will your customers. To facilitate the education process, we offer training seminars either in person, on the web or over the phone as well training manuals, brochures, samples and fun & engaging contests to improve awareness of our brands.

Here at Peak Performance Products Inc., we strive to ensure the quality of all the products we distribute. Our in-house Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs department thoroughly tests all our products for identity, purity, and microbial content. This done to guarantee our customers are getting the highest quality product that is both safe and effective. We also ensure that all the claims on our products are substantiated and complaint to all Health Canada rules and regulations

All of our products are stored under strict GMP conditions in our fully licensed Health Canada approved warehouse. Our products are stored at optimal temperatures and are checked daily by our Quality Assurance Staff. We also test for stability to ensure that all of our products are effective until and past their expiry date. To ensure our warehouse maintains our Site License with Health Canada, we conduct regular audits to ensure that our inventory and staff are always up to date. This way our in-house quality assurance department ensures each product that enters and leaves Peak Performance Products Inc. is an approved product and of the highest quality.

Each natural health product that is carried by Peak Performance Products Inc. undergoes a rigorous scientific review process. Each ingredient in all of our products is reviewed for safety and efficacy. It can be an extremely difficult task because often clinical trials are needed to demonstrate safety and efficacy at the correct amount in the product. If there isn't sufficient evidence (according to NHPD standards), the application is rejected and the product must be withdrawn from the Canadian marketplace or be resubmitted for another licensing attempt. At Peak Performance Products, we are proud to say that all of our natural health products have submissions numbers in queue for review at Health Canada and some of our best selling products already have Natural Product Numbers (NPN). This means that our products have demonstrated safety and efficacy and is suitable for sale in the Canadian marketplace.
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